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5 Dispatch Tracking Capabilities To Look for in Last Mile Software

September 26, 2020

Last-mile delivery operations get intense once orders are dispatched. This is when all the inefficiencies in your logistics operations start weighing down your delivery standards. By inefficiencies we mean poor delivery productivity, delivery delays, inaccurate ETAs, poor logistics visibility, increasing delivery costs and so on.

The Growing Need For Contactless Deliveries In Retail Logistics

September 25, 2020

Various forms of quarantines and lockdowns, both forced and voluntary, are being witnessed across the globe. The spread of the COVID-19 has shown no signs of abating, with a vaccine still under development. As a result, going contactless has been manifested in various ways – work from home (WFH), online schooling, reduction of personnel in factories, takeaways & deliveries instead of in-house dining, etc. These have become the norm instead of being outliers.

Contactless Deliveries: What is it and How it Works

September 25, 2020

Businesses which thrive on door-to-door, last-mile deliveries had to grapple with the problem of social distancing norms to safeguard their personnel while providing satisfactory services to their customers. Keeping in mind the various health hazards which the pandemic posed, a majority of businesses adapted to the new normal by bringing in innovative changes to their last-mile delivery.


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