BlueDart Increases Its First Attempt Success Rate By 22%

Read how BlueDart increased its first attempt success rate by 22%. 86% of consumers consider delivery to be part of their purchase experience. Consumer’s repeat purchase and reference are driven by the experience, and delivery happens to be the only physical contact for the online consumer. This made Blue Dart ask, 'What is our Delivery Happiness Score?' Blue Dart required an enterprise-grade technology solution that allowed real-time shipment visibility and improved delivery performance. “Blue Dart is delighted to partner with FarEye. We are a highly focused and insanely customer-centric brand and this partnership will only enable to enhance the experience for our customers. FarEye’s platform is scalable, future-oriented and flexible and has enabled us to have complete visibility of each shipment and keep the customer informed at every step, ‘real-time’. It has also helped us in automating first mile pickups and last mile deliveries and going almost paperless, a small step in reinforcing our goal to have zero emissions by 2050”.