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Teamwork Wins Championships!

Product Manager

FarEye Noida 3-4 Years

As the Product Manager, you will be responsible for developing product requirement specifications, ensuring product features are consistent with product strategy and taking products to market. The goal will be to create a world-class winning product by driving product adoption and driving towards key product metrics. Working with senior leadership as well as best-in-class engineering, design, and data science counterparts, you will develop new opportunities while continuing to add differentiating features for continued business growth.

As part of the product development, the focus will be on delighting customers by giving them frictionless, compelling and personalized features of the product. You will do this together with an amazing team of talented, passionate product managers, user experience designers and super energetic engineers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a deep understanding of our customers, their business problems, upcoming industry requirements 

  • Developing product requirement specifications and define the product metrics with ensuring product features are consistent with product strategy

  • Collaborate with  engineers, customer facing teams and designers to deliver the product roadmap.

Experience & Knowledge:

  •  3 to 4 years of product management experience
  • Good sense of user interfaces, the ability to create initial wireframes and mockups

  • Customer driven approach embodied in past work on delightful products

  •  Experience in B2B and/or SaaS products, working on complex scale problems

  • Strong communication and organization skills, as well as the ability to think clearly, analyze quantitatively, problem-solver

  • Demonstrated ability to turn customer needs and pain points into innovative products