Talent Wins Games But

Teamwork Wins Championships!

Senior Customer Success Manager

FarEye US 6-10 Years

Key Responsibilities

  • Define the vision of a Red-Carpet experience Standardize the template for a Success Plan for customers in your segment
  • Define and oversee lifecycle processes/touch points, including exec sponsor program, EBR process, “listening” points (e.g., on usage, NPS), and others
  • Personally, manage escalations from your direct reports, and follow a methodical escalation process to execs
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Learn from best practices in industry
  • Be an expert on best practices in change management
  • Promote the Challenger approach amongst your team members
  • Find ways for CSMs to deeply understand our customers’ objectives and become a trusted right-hand advisor
  • Determine how to define, drive, and demonstrate the value (ROI) delivered
  • Ensure <tool> is our company’s single source of truth for customer health
  • Create dashboards to measure customer success
  • Develop ideas for how high-touch teams can use <tool>, and share during our monthly CSM syncs
  • Clarify ownership for each part of the journey
  • Gather and provide feedback from/to other departments, including Sales, Services, Support, Product, and others, to improve the customer experience
  • Create company-wide customer feedback loop
  • Help foster company-wide culture of Customer Success
  • Align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients

Desired Skills/ Knowledge

  • 6+ years in Customer Success functions at a Enterprise/ B2B SAAS companies
  •  Exposure to Retail Industry
  • Enthusiastic and inspiring performer having worked in global team of Customer Success Managers
  • Vast experience interacting and planning with C-level executives
  • Demonstrated strong capabilities in helping customers reach desired outcomes with measurable performance across:

·  Net Churn, Logo Churn

·  Building Advocacy and Champions

  •  Analytical and Process Oriented mindset
  • Combined Background of Sale and Customer Success experience
  • Exposure to US Market