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Let us show you how you can get 25% more deliveries daily

Every year logistics companies spend millions of dollars towards delivery management. Moving a courier from hub to the end customer, line haul and long haul - everything has a cost attached to it in order to ensure flawless deliveries.

To transform the way businesses operate, there are a series of solutions that allow companies to streamline operations, keep better tabs on merchandise and track the couriers on a day-to-day basis. CxOs are betting a lot on the investments in the Supply Chain Market and are expecting to exceed $ 13bn in total software revenue by the end of 2017, up 11% from 2016. It is on pace to exceed $19 billion by 2021, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables new revenue opportunities. The digital tide has hit the industry with Artificial Intelligence, going paperless and real-time visibility.

Delivery Management Software

The need to create a digitalized Supply Chain has triggered the automation of existing processes forgoing paperless and getting real-time visibility into the logistics operations and enhancing customer communication.

Go Paperless & Automate The Processes:

Going paperless is achievable only by automating the processes, there is no denial of it. An organization is realizing tech is the way to go, in order to stay relevant. Manual operations are redundant and hamper productivity. In order to succeed in today's fast-paced world, blending IT with daily operations has become crucial. Electronic proof of deliveries sends out updates in an instant and also reduces carbon footprints. Companies must partner with 'Smarter' solutions in order to automate the process yet make the transition smooth. Here is where companies need a smarter solution that helps blend the operations with new-age technologies with minimal disruption.

Better Routing Optimisation:

Routing from point A to B has been a huge problem that has existed since ages. Most of the times, inefficient routes are the cause of badly managed time hence avoidable delays for the customer. With accurate algorithms which ensure that drivers complete most deliveries in the least amount of time, you will be able to create a truly advanced end-to-end delivery platform, reducing fulfillment costs whilst delivering a top-notch experience. Measure driver availability, location proximity and traffic conditions to set the best possible routes that can take the delivery personnel to the customer, at the earliest.

Real-Time Visibility:

Around a couple of decades ago, visibility was a real challenge for the logistics companies and companies were scouting for solutions that could help them get a 360-degree view of the operations. But today, with the aid of modern technology, consumers and the businesses have unprecedented real-time visibility into the status of their order. This translated into businesses adapting to consumers' needs, not only by delivering fast but by delighting customers along the way. By having an access to all the information, real-time, companies will find it easier to prevent and fix inefficient processes on-the-go.

Engaging Customer Communication:

Constantly keeping the customer in the loop with notifications throughout the delivery process ensures a professional and satisfactory experience for both parties. Also, sending pre-stored messages that are available in transit and in the delivery of their orders ensure that the customer is available at the time and place of delivery hence allowing the delivery process to be smooth.

Enterprises today should ask three important questions?

  1.  Are we prioritizing the development and testing activities effectively to drive business performance?
  2.  Do we have the resources and the bandwidth to inform software-delivered innovations?
  3.  Are we able to effectively forecast the operations and tackle the bottlenecks?

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