Technology For Internet-Age Smarter Logistics

86% of consumers believe that delivery is an important part of their online shopping experience. Therefore, logistics is no more a backend function but plays a very important role in gaining competitive advantage in the highly cluttered e-commerce and retail industry. Logistics companies must invest in new flexible, scalable and future-oriented technologies that will make their operations smarter, more effective, and efficient.

Smart Logistics

In order to achieve the above mentioned objective companies should streamline and if necessary, redesign their existing operations. With the help of advanced and intelligent business process management (BPM) solution provided by FarEye, logistics companies can optimise their resource utilisation. The smart logistics platform allows creating new processes that help to dispatch the jobs to the delivery workforce based on the FIFO and optimised routes, monitoring the day-to-day activities, keeping the customer engaged throughout the cycle and analyze the performance, all on real-time basis. The riders are assigned the best possible route through smart auto-routing. Therefore, they would spend lesser time in transit and become more productive.

The machine-learning based geo-coding techniques enable the consumer as well as warehouse supervisor to know the exact location of the rider, ETA of the shipment, and any expected delays due to various reasons. Mouse's web and mobile-based smart logistics delivery application uses sophisticated algorithms to self-learn and improve quality of addresses. It converts an “English” address into a more accurate, quantified address in form of unique coordinates on the surface of the earth.

Easy KPI measurement & real-time visibility through Delivery Happiness Platform:

FarEye has introduced an intuitive dashboard that has business intelligence algorithms built in it. Using intuitive business intelligence, last-mile logistics companies can visualize the data on the web and mobile platform through drill-down options available on the platform. This helps in getting a 360-degree view of the operations based on the location, job type and the hub. These intuitive dashboards and drill-down applications enhance the core application and provide comprehensive information about successful deliveries as well as failed attempts. This brings the desired understanding in terms of actionable insights at the right time. Therefore, the delivery operations can be managed more effectively in the future. Often referred as the delivery happiness platform by clients, the performance scoreboards and analytics tracks the progress of jobs towards pre-determined specific goals.

Creating a neutral layer across the operations:

To bridge the operational gaps, it is important to connect various business processes including backend ERP and CRM applications. This would allow the platform to provide the riders with trip planning tools that can help them get to their job in the fastest or the cheapest way possible using multiple services. The real-time alerts to all the stakeholders based on rider’s geo-location would keep them informed, engaged, and calm down any anxiety due to delays.

Analytics for better decisions making:

Mouse's analytics engine collects the raw operational data and converts it into actionable insights. So that decision making is much more informed and supported with trends, facts, and other quantitative attributes. By receiving analytics in real-time, the manager can spend more time in making decisions that will help streamline the supply chain and the last-mile operations.

In the end, it would be worth iterating that as industry 4.0 revolution knocks at the door, logistics companies need to start investing on smarter operations and make consumer happiness their core offering. There is no better time for this than right now.

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