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Smiles in the last mile

A well-managed and seamless delivery fleet is the backbone of any online ordering business. Amidst the #pandemic, when all of us are restricted inside our homes, the delivery executives have delivered a million orders each month. This is a small endeavor from our side to appreciate the risk taken by the delivery workforces, an effort to bring a #smile on their faces just like the way they bring

FarEye SERVE - Zero-Fee Technology To Enable Contactless Deliveries

many countries are under complete lockdown due to Kovan 19 and social distancing is here to stay online deliveries have become the safest means to buy essentials demand spike is resulting in empty stores in minutes 74 percent increase in home deliveries and France 41 percent of people in the US were buying groceries online for the first time if you are delivering essential goods we're here

FarEye Enabling Predictive Logistics For Retailers

how do you deliver seamless omni-channel experience being a large retail enterprise offer new forms of delivery and be ready for the future two and three millennial shoppers expect to have a one-hour delivery option setting up and running retail operations is a much bigger challenge it has challenges like logistics partners vendor selection integrations for data overall end-to-end visibility

FarEye’s Technology for Seamless On Demand Deliveries

it was supposed to arrive two hours ago this could feel like a messenger pigeon is delivering the order same hour same day are the new basic thanks to Amazon need of the hour is instant gratification connected customers demand connected journeys but what is the cost of delighting your customers does your current logistics landscape help say hello too far I we help the world's largest enterprises

FarEye Growth - The Unstoppable Journey

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FarEye Driver Crowdsourcing - Handle surge deliveries with ease

When demand for home deliveries peak, enterprises need to be able to meet committed SLAs while keeping costs under check. The solution to this lies in managing driver operations efficiently. #Crowdsourcing drivers can help enterprises to handle fluctuating demand with relative ease by digitalizing call for applications, the selection process, onboarding, training, incentive mamagement and more.