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How FarEye is adding smile in the last mile?

Thomas has been successful in East and the West so Amazon is a good success story Alibaba was happening and then India 2013 if you go back a lot of e-commerce companies but there they were raising funds they were educating the consumers our understanding was till the time you're ordering online the experience is beautiful but when you will move after that it fails so we didn't want it to be more

FarEye Transportation - Enabling Predictive Logistics

when and in what condition will the goods arrive why is the loading turnaround time poor and where should resources be put to improve it we all are left guessing the answers and relying on our hunch over 12.5 billion tons of global shipments are delayed beyond their scheduled time of arrival historical solutions do not solve the complete problem the data exists all around us but in silos

FarEye Customer Testimonial - Dino Araneta, Quad X

we're looking to find a system that will actually have digitize our business by I seem to be the perfect fit actually they seem to have everything in order we tested it out and it worked out actually perfectly so if I had to decide again I'll do the same decision probability we're operating basically a machine company called IBM so we're doing things manually but it's impossible to manually

How #FarEye is helping the #giants win?

we're looking to see how we can create a fantastic experience in the last miles super impressed not only with a content of the far right solution Barkery is love it our employees love it they find the solution really super easy to use far I really go the extra mile in making sure that we have a great solution and/or I always step up to the plate our customers are super delighted not only

FarEye Customer Testimonial - Hitachi

Piyush Shah - Managing Director and Prashant Hatkar - Dy. General Manager at Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd. speak about his experience with FarEye.