Last Mile


Last Mile Delivery Challenges
Key Highlights

Real time last mile visibility

Real-time last mile visibility

last mile operational control

Last mile operational control

customer anxiety

Customer anxiety

shipment status check-in calls

Shipment status check-in calls

Dat to day operational clarity for drivers

Day-to-day operational clarity for drivers

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency - number of deliveries, fuel etc.

How FarEye Can Help
Delightful Deliveries With FarEye's Last Mile Delivery Software

FarEye is a customizable SaaS platform that has helped world’s leading enterprises solve their last mile challenges. FarEye's last mile delivery software empowers enterprises with the following capabilities:

full customize solution

Fully customizable solution

automatic order allocation

Automatic order allocation

automatic dispatching

Automatic dispatching

chatbot based customer support

Chatbot-based customer support

real-time dynamic routing

Real-time dynamic routing

flexible delivery scheduling

Flexible delivery scheduling

customer live tracking app

Customer live tracking app

electronic proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery

Key Highlights
Last Mile Delivery Software

machine learning based routing

Machine-learning based routing

geofence based attendance tracking

Geofence based attendance tracking

digital run sheets

Digital run sheets

1-click tracking

1-click tracking

real-time ETAs

Real-time ETAs

SMS & web-based tracking

SMS & web-based tracking

KPI dashboards

KPI dashboards

Digital control tower

Digital control tower

Predictive alerts & notifications

Predictive alerts & notifications

Pick-up poin & parcel shop deliveries

Pick-up point & parcel shop deliveries

Improved Delivery Happiness Score

Enhance your customer experience through a seamless last mile delivery process execution. Provide them advanced facilities like customer scheduling, real-time live tracking, predictable ETAs.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Leverage the power of automation to make your deliveries error-free, efficient and optimized. Save a lot of operational costs as a result of optimized last mile delivery processes. Track core KPIs using FarEye’s customizable control tower.

Improved Real-time Visibility

Curb the challenge of visibility blackbox with real-time predictive visibility to all your last mile delivery operations. Whether it is a warehouse or en-route or delivered or returned shipment, keep all your stakeholders informed through multiple modes such as WhatsApp, SMS, email and more.

Increased Courier Productivity

With automation, visibility and predictability, an added benefit is that your agents now get to do more with less time. This means a significant increase in your deliveries which you can measure per hour. Equip them with the tools they need to deliver more and earn more incentives while improving your bottom line.

Increase On-Time Deliveries With

Last Mile Delivery Software

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