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FarEye’s sustainability capabilities helps minimize carbon footprint across all legs of the supply chain.

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Build a Sustainable First, Mid and Last-mile Supply Chain Process

Many complex knots are intertwined in the everyday operations of a global supply chain process. Realigning such a large-scale, multi-stakeholder and geographically-distributed operation in a few months to cut back carbon footprint requires a combination of thorough supply chain expertise, lightweight technology tools and flawless execution. Enterprises and their supply chain partners need a ready-to-deploy solution that’ll help drastically reduce carbon emissions without affecting bottom-line targets.

At FarEye, we made it simple with sustainability capabilities within our Intelligent Delivery Management Platform to help achieve sustainable goals across first, mid, and last-mile delivery. Our intelligent platform has helped our customers eliminate 40,961 tonnes of carbon emissions in road transportation. You can also track and minimize CO2 emissions in rail, ocean and air shipping.

Calculate Potential CO2 Reduction

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Estimate Your Potential Carbon Footprint Reduction In Road Transport

Annual Carbon Footprint Reduction


Calculation Baselines:

  • Efficiency improvement by Fareye sustainability solution
  • Total distance travelled on the road per day
  • Number of kilometers saved due to FarEye’s product
  • CO2 emissions per Kilometers
  • Baseline kilometers saved x CO2 emissions per kilometers
  • Reference values are obtained from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Achieve Your Sustainable Goals With FarEye

Fast-track your sustainability goals using a science-based CO2 reduction approach. Our sustainability capabilities within our Intelligent Delivery Management Platform with the following features will help brands and enterprises achieve sustainable goals across first, mid, and last-mile delivery.

Sustainability Dashboard

Track and control CO2 emissions across all modes of transportation as per global GHG standards. Identify and benchmark the least CO2 emission carriers and routes. Analyze emission trends for compliance reporting.

Green Vehicle Route Planning

Enable courier and express parcel companies to effectively plan last-mile delivery routes in global cities with green fleets (bikes and foot delivery). Achieve on-time delivery with zero carbon footprint.

Long-Haul Truck Route Planning

Design optimal routes for multi-day, long-haul trucking to minimize idling times, avoid roadblocks and reduce fuel consumption. Facilitate long-haul deliveries with multiple drivers to meet on-road driving work and break hour legal norms.

Carrier Allocation System

Select suitable third-party carriers for every shipment and minimize last-mile carbon footprint with increased first attempt deliveries and removal of damaged deliveries. Achieve a high CSAT score with on-time and eco-friendly deliveries.

"By identifying specific areas where we can create a measurable impact, FarEye compliments our customer's efforts and goals towards sustainability on a daily basis."

Kushal Nahata, CEO, FarEye

FarEye: Leading Sustainable Supply Chain Partner

machine learning based routing

Multi-modal CO2 tracking

geofence based attendance tracking

Scientific on-road C02 reduction

digital run sheets

End-to-end green solution

1-click tracking

Enhanced customer experience

real-time ETAs

Multi-industry solution templates

SMS & web-based tracking

Customizable low-code technology platform



FarEye can help reduce your carbon footprint. Download sustainability brochure.


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